Want to capture your precious family memories in photos, words, or video?

I'm Florence Hwang, Legacy Photographer and Storyteller, and I help families preserve the most special moments in their lives for generations to come.

What is Legacy Photography & Storytelling?

It’s a visual record of the most important and memorable events in your family’s history through photos, words, or video.

If you want to recall what grandparents, great-grandparents or others who have passed were like, you can turn on a video of your family talking about their experiences with them. You, your kids, and future generations will have the opportunity to learn about past relatives and family stories.

This is your Legacy.

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How did I get started as a Legacy Photographer & Storyteller?

I helped my family preserve part of the history about our great-grandfather by conducting interviews and researching archival photographs to create a short video about him and his family starting a laundromat in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I wanted to learn more about my family history and to preserve it in a meaningful manner - not just a mish mash of photos or unrecorded stories from my family.

I believe we all are products of our past, whether we know it or not. I believe that there is value in preserving the old stories to remember our loved ones and where our family has come from. It is so easy to lose those fragments of history from generation to generation.

My professional experience as a journalist, photographer, and librarian help me to capture the essence and best memories of your family history in a heartwarming video, gallery of photographs, or story.

My goal is to leave you with a customized, visual story that’s more meaningful than just unfamiliar names on a family tree.

You’ll enjoy reminiscing about your family’s special moments for years to come. And the next generation will love learning about the people who came before them.



I draw from formal education as well as life experience to curate and create your unique story – whether it's your family history, a promotional piece for your small business or a personal story you want to share with the world. I have a Bachelor of Arts, with a history major (University of Regina), a Bachelor of Journalism (Ryerson University), a Master of Library and Information Science  (Western University) and a diploma in Documentary Film (In Focus Film School).

Introverted librarian with a touch of extroversion!

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m an introverted improv performer. I used to be so terribly shy that I would never speak up in class. As an adult, I learned about improv humour through shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? I loved it. Eventually I took some classes at a local theatre for improv. Now, I’m performing in a troupe and find it fascinating, yet terrifying! I even was lucky enough to do some improv with two of the Baroness Von Sketch women!

  • I’m a librarian who loves trivia. I didn’t grow up wanting to become a librarian. In fact, I wanted to be a journalist, which I also did. Eventually a job post about a librarian position intrigued me. So after some research, I became a librarian. My mind is like velcro for random facts.

  • Capturing candids is one of my favorite ways to remember the little things in life. I found that when I was shooting my family just doing ordinary things, I would have such memories about their personality and their habits when I reflected on them. I love catching those little moments in ordinary days and events.

  • I love singing in choirs. I have been in choirs most of my childhood and part of my adult life. I love learning harmonies and making beautiful music with others!

  • I love researching things, but not writing papers. In university, I loved reading and making notes about subjects. I could research til the cows came home, but coming up with a paper was like pulling teeth. Maybe that’s why I am more suited to being a librarian as mostly I look up stuff!

  • I love talking with people of different backgrounds. As a journalist, I was forced out of my shell to talk to people I didn’t know, from politicians to artists or even scientists. At parties I found if I asked about people, they were willing to talk about themselves and their passions. And often I would learn a thing or two!

Hanging out with my improv peeps before our first performance. We're not ready!

Hanging out with my improv peeps before our first performance. We're not ready!

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